We ensure that your business, product or brand uses the most relevant,
up-to-date and rich insights to anticipate market needs best.

Ideas drive Grassrootculture forward and give us our competitive edge. We turn data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into insight and entrepreneur capital. We help you to ‘read’ the market accurately and intelligently, using qualitative methodologies and quantitative surveys, screening consumer attitudes and behavioral.

And once you are ‘on’ and know where the market is going, we can then make sure that your business strategy, tone of voice, design, marketing initiatives, messages are all appropriately aligned.

We show clients what’s new and what’s next, and we then show them how, why and where their business needs to be in relation to current markets, and consumers’ future needs. Businesses fail when they don’t anticipate these shifts, and the job of our virtual team of analysts, forecasters, planners and strategists is to make sure that failure isn’t an option, only a choice.

Grassrootculture helps you to:
-  Identify future, profitable customers
-  Achieve rich insights into how customer values will change over time
-  Devise cost-effective business strategies that ensure values are continually aligned
-  Stay up-to-date with the latest social, commercial and design trends affecting your industry



Footage credit: A photographer pulls his backdrop at Agua Dulce beach in Lima, February 4, 2012. Agua Dulce (Sweet Water) is one of the most popular beaches in Lima’s Green Coast. REUTERS/Enrique Castro-Mendivil (PERU – Tags: SOCIETY TRAVEL)

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